The slim figure, beautiful smooth skin and beautiful healthy hair - all of this of course is important and is one of the major factors for the good mood and confidence.

Wellness ICEQUEEN offers you quality cellulite treatment, reducing the volume of the body and weight reduction with the use of cryocapsule ICEQUEEN. A cryopreservation unit is proven method of extreme exposure to cold on the surface layer of the skin in order to mobilize the protective functions of the organism, which in particular helps to get rid of such common problems as cellulite, overweight and flabby skin.


Advantages of cryocapsule ICEQUEEN:


               Thermo isolation , and airtight construction

               Stable mode below cryotemperature -130Co

               Full computer control

               Absolute safety procedures



What is a cellulite?


Doctors call this cosmetic problem lipodystrophy and it is more commonly known by people as "orange peel effect." This name is the direct reflection of the external manifestations of cellulite but before they arise and become visible some changes occur inside the tissues.


The four stages of cellulite


In the first stage:

          Blood flow slows down in capillaries;

          Capillary walls become more permeable;

          Circulation and venous outflow of liquid in lymph system become disturbed;

          Even minor bumps can lead to bruises.


In the second stage:

         There is a swelling;

         A deficiency of oxygen in the tissues;

         Toxins begin to accumulate;

         Skin loses its elasticity;

         If your skin is taken in the fold, it looks like orange peel with knobs and cavities.


The third stage:

         All the signs are in progress and become more apparent;

         Gelling of fat cells form the knobs;

         Cellulite becomes visible;

         The skin formed capillary veins;

In the fourth stage:

         Due to a lack of oxygen, scars and edema increasing in size;

         They are palpable and cause pain;

         Sometimes temperature of the tissue changes;

         At this stage the progression of cellulite is in need of medical treatment;


In all 4 stages the usage of cryocapsule ICEQUEEN is efficient. Procedure refers to a number of pathogenic and affects the cause of cellulite.


What happens as a result of the apparatus?


Human immune system reacts to short-term effects of low temperature in the range -130-160Co and translates itself into "high alert" mode, accelerating recovery.



Here is how extreme cold works against cellulite:

               It improves the circular track;

               It contributes to the formation of collateral vessels;

                It improves skins nutrition and subcutaneous fat;

                It prevents inflammatory processes.


Regular cryotreatment reduces the bodys size and weight plus extreme cold boosts metabolism and increases lipids metabolism, thus reducing adipose tissue in the way that after 15 treatments one loses 4 kg.

ICEQUEEN Cryocapsule Procedure is the effective solution for weight loss and staying in good shape.


OTHER CRYO EFFECTS: The Cryo chamber is cooled with liquid nitrogen, usually to a temperature of −110C to −150C (−166F to −238F). In the Cryo chamber, the patient is protected from acute frostbite with socks, gloves, and slippers. Clothing worn during the treatment is minimal: for women clothing is optional while for men genitals have to be covered with cotton underwear. During treatment the average skin temperature drops to 10C (50F), while the coldest skin temperature can be 5C (41F). The core body temperature remains unchanged during the treatment, however it may drop slightly afterwards. Therapy triggers the release of endorphins which induce analgesia (immediate pain relief).

Patients report that the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, itching, and psoriasis. The immediate effect of skin cooling and analgesia lasts for 5 minutes, but the release of endorphins can have a lasting effect, where the pains and signs of inflammation as found in blood tests remain suppressed for weeks. The effects of extreme cold and endorphin release are scientifically studied. Additionally, there is a 500-800 calorie after burn associated with the body warming itself up, thus jump-starting the metabolism helping reach weight-loss goals.