Why ICE QUEEN Manual Hydromassage?

1) Because our manual hydromassage is 3 times more effective than ordinary massage

2) Because when you are relaxed in the water your tissues wonít get injured by massage

3) Because together with strengthening the body contouring and body sizeís reduction all organs & systems are getting cleared

4) Because underwater hydromassage is helpful for atherosclerosis, it removes the back pain and it improves flexibility & mobility of joints and spine

5) Because underwater manual hydromassage normalizes sleep and relieves insomnia

6) Because it promotes the skinís peeling and it becomes soft, silky and supple

7) Because it's soothing and anti-cellulite massage

You are immersed in the pleasant relaxing bath with neutral temperature (+34-35 Co). Bathís water shimmers with different colors, gently enveloping your entire body, it dissolves in zero gravity, your muscles soften and relax. You are calm surrounded by music, candles and it is all for you...

The Therapist selects the required power for tub water stream and starting from a feet slowly begins to massage your whole body deeply and powerfully.

You feel deep meaningful intimate exposure of waterís strikes spraying onto the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle. The water is so relaxing for the bodyís tissues and stream penetrates down to the deeper layers of muscles, carefully working out your skin bit by bit. Each skinís cell of your body is exposed to this dense strong massage, expelling toxins and excess water, increasing the metabolic processes in the cell. Itís increasing lipolysis in fat cells, softening fatís accumulations of seals and removing the toxins; is destroying part of the connective tissue fluid membranes. You feel the impact of waterís steam which is sent up along the pathways of lymph and it speeds up the removal of fluids and toxinís excess.

You feel like your body becomes multilayered, slimmer, more elastic and easier. In the areas where dense powerful streams of water were aimed you feel light pleasant tingling sensation and feel the movement of your fluids under the skin.

When a therapist increases the impact and speed of processing your problem areas in particular, it is so obvious that your body contours become denser, more smooth and supple.

You feel that your whole body good is massaged and deep cleaned from the stagnation of epithelial tissue. And even internal organs (digestive tract) of the abdominal area are exposed to massage that enhances the drainage function of the body and normalizes a digestion.

When a therapist proceeds to massage the spine and sacrum, you feel that heat is flowing to these areas, blood is enriching and it nourishes nearby tissues, removing the fatigue and leaving the stress behind. You start feeling the wings behind the back and your pelvic features improve. And then there's the final gentle touch of wide water stream to your neck...

Dedicate only 45 minutes of self love on the way to healthier YOU!

 How the desired results are achieved from this massage?

Deep and intense exposure to jets of water (1.5-5 atmospheres) on the human body makes underwater massage 3 times more effective and less traumatic comparing to manual techniques of massage.

In the process of manual underwater massage our blood and lymphís circulation is activated along with fat, muscleís tone and skinís elasticity are improved. Hydromassage normalizes metabolism, helps to remove toxins from the body. Underwater manual massage stimulates the immune system, strengthens the immune system.

When we do Hydromassage on the legs, the body is properly balanced in the water and thus it displays extra fluid, reduces swelling and heaviness in the legs.

The impact of the underwater tap on the abdomen improves the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, thus achieving a slimming effect.

By removing tension in the muscles and joints, manual massage helps to increase the mobility of the spine, strengthens the back muscles and removes backís pain in the spine and headaches.

Skin is saturated with oxygen and it begins to breathe. Underwater massage improves the color and structure of the skin, increases its elasticity. Under the influence of a strong jet of water the pores of the skin are cleansing, plus it gives the skinís peeling effect.

Underwater massage is the great chance to relax for people with busy schedules. It is not necessary to maintain their regular schedule as they can regain their strength and endurance in a few weeks. Hydro massage session can be combined with cryo capsule.

And as the result here you are full of vitality, strength, good mood once again!

Are Hydromassage repeated sessions necessary to achieve this result?

On average, for the treatment of cellulite and figure correction a course of 15 procedures is recommended to be carried out in 1-2 days. It will be enough to maintain this course 2 times a yearin order to maintain good body shape or do supporting procedures once a week.