The Cabin

Our special cabin has harnessed heat and water to provide the three basic spa functions: Warm bath, Steam bath and Roman bath.

The Newera range of emotional cosmetics, combined with the manual skills of the beautician, complete the service experience with three programmed cycles:
Raxul (the Mud ritual)
Essenthia (the Essences ritual)
Thalasso (the Tides ritual).

The wellness system is total because it involves all five Senses:

If you are looking for something extra, the border line of well-being can be reached through  our special cabin, which was inspired by the methods of the ancient Roman Thermal Baths, conceived as authentic temples of pleasure,  which through bio-climatology
offers surprising health benefits and a state of relaxation that absorbs all the senses:  the marble table heated for the treatment, the applications and the final pleasurable  ‘savonage’.

The room is heated by steam so your skin tingles warmly on entering and soft music plays a gentle, soothing melody. There are no Spa therapists required for this treatment so once you have applied the therapeutic mud,  you are left to drift into a state
of deep relaxation.

The Cabin experience can be shared, and so is a lovely addition to a Spa Couples Treat when you include a massage after your Raxul, Essenthia or Thalasso. Imagine how relaxed you and your partner will feel going from a blissful Detox to a  Massage, and
finishing with a lovely cup of herbal tea in the relaxation lounge.


Pure Relaxation Inspired by an Ancient Tradition

The Raxul thermal mud treatment is a traditional Arabian inspired cleansing treatment that combines the health enhancing properties of heat, steam and mud for a totally relaxing and skin conditioning treatment in a magical and sensory private environment with twinkling lights and aromatic vapours.

With the application of sludge on the whole body and the steam emission and the next tropical rain creates a gentle detoxification and hydration of deep skin condition.


This treatment features a unique hot and cold sensation using the most exotic array of exotic ingredients. The Essence alternated with fresh Aufguss-effect mist that not only improves respiratory function but also fosters general detoxination by helping the body to flush out toxins. Which in addition to improving the respiratory system, causing a general detoxification of the body.


Thalasso therapy, as a curative method, is defined today as a seawater cure in a medically supervised environment. It is not only limited to the water itself. Treatments that apply seawater, mud, sand and basically all substances coming from the sea are used for curative and preventative purposes, too.

The functions of this cycle create a synergy between breathing and salt absorption.


The physiology of perspiration includes the fact that perspiration assists the body in expelling toxic wastes, regulates body temperature, and invigorates our largest organ, the skin.

The metabolic effects of this special treatments have a positive influence when negative ions are released in the air. A more subtle spiritual and social benefit of a Raxul experience also contributes to a heightened sense of well-being.

Medical studies show that frequent Raxul bathing, which is an extended and controlled exposure to warm, moist/dry air, aids tension relief through muscle relaxation. The elimination of toxins through opened pores keeps the circulatory system running smoothly.

This natural process called “hypothermia”, takes place when the body is exposed to heat. The blood supply to the skin is increased and heat is lost from the warm blood by radiation, conduction and convection. The body then resorts to evaporation to increase its heat loss and perspirations takes place. Blood is flushed to the capillaries causing a lowering of blood pressure thereby increasing the heart rate or stroke volume.

When the body sweats it cleanses from within, by releasing unwanted wastes and toxins. Sweat primarily consists of 99% water; it also contains salts, antibodies, Vitamin C, metabolic waste of Urea, Uric acid, ammonia, and lactic acid. The combined affects of heat, sweating and water can reduce the feeling of stress in most people; the relaxing effects can promote hormonal change to take place within the body resulting in the suppression of the stress hormone, It can also reduce muscle spasm, relieve inflammation and balance blood pressure by the narrowing and dilation of blood vessels.

Drink plenty of water during and after treatment session.

Duration 40 Min
Price AED 300
Packages Available
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